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exterior of 8-story brick building at sunset
ELE Dallas— an eight-story, 236-unit project in the heart of Dallas’ eclectic Lower Greenville neighborhood.


After more than 30 years of designing the interiors for multifamily residential projects, Dallas-based Faulkner Design Group understands what works well in a space that sees foot traffic from hundreds—if not thousands—of people every day. When designing the recent ELE Dallas—an eight-story, 236-unit project in the heart of Dallas’ eclectic Lower Greenville neighborhood—Faulkner Design Group knew that when it came to furnishings, everything they sourced needed to check off each part of the designer’s trifecta: quality, durability, and style. Featuring a sophisticated brick-and-glass exterior, the building’s modern architecture and sleek interiors required a palette to match. For the flooring, the designers turned to Metropolitan Floors—a leading company in the industry, and one they have consistently worked with throughout the years.

“We know from experience that Metropolitan Floors maintains a quality product offering that withstands commercial use in high-traffic areas,” Holt says, noting that the best-in-class Metropolitan Floors is a go-to source for many of the company’s projects. “We look for long-term partnerships with our vendors and suppliers, just as we would with a client. We want [knowledgeable] partners that we can trust to provide a quality product that will allow us to maximize what we can do with a project budget.” “Their products make us look good as designers,” adds Myles Sampey, a Faulkner designer who worked on ELE Dallas.

For the ELE Dallas, the firm chose Brushed Oak Mink from Kentwood’s Plateau Collection, an engineered oak wood plank flooring made from ethically sourced and manufactured materials (as is all other Kentwood flooring), following the company’s Clean Floors environmental compliance program, which ensures that all products are crafted with conscience. The high-performance hardwood has a rich, dark finish that complements the building’s contemporary style.

Regardless of budget or building size, Metropolitan Floors—which also offers a range of flooring options under the Evoke brand, specializing in luxury vinyl and composite core products—works closely with clients to help find flooring solutions for projects ranging from single-family homes to hospitality spaces and commercial office buildings. The company has been a best-kept industry secret for more than 30 years.


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