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Spotlight: BlueArck, 2021 GRAY Awards Finalist

A closer look at BlueArck, one of five finalists in the 2021 GRAY Awards Commercial Interior Design category.


Blue Arch Interior Design Office Design with white chairs and blue accents

Designed for a Vancouver private equity firm, this office expansion was dictated by the company's balanced work/life approach and inspired by elegant Parisian comfort. The founder was committed to a culture of balance, not only between work and life, but also in the composition of his team. It was this dedication to providing collaborative and engaging spaces that informed the design concept. The space was designed to be an extension of home—where people could congregate, socialize, and feel invigorated through their interactions.

Blue Arch Interior design bathroom with white marble counters and flooring, globe lighting, and wallpapered walls

Edit Studios tipped the scales towards a softer and lighter aesthetic to contrast the conventional dark woods and leather chesterfields that have become emblematic of the profession. Inviting herringbone oak floors and old-world character, such as traditional moulding details, are juxtaposed with bespoke glazing systems, hardware, and hidden doors. Finishing details emphasize the delicate balance between a functionally modern office and a comfortable Parisian retreat. Layered textures and iconic lighting are intrinsic to achieving a residential ambiance in a vibrant office, while gold accents and book-matched marble add sophistication.


Design Team:

Lead: Janay Koldingnes

Mikaila Johnson


Construction - ETRO construction

Furniture (consultant) - Toolbox Contract

Lighting (consultant) - Above 90

Custom glazing & Hardware - Aurora Glass

Photography: Ema Peter

Date of Completion: September 2020


Additional Architecture, Commercial finalists:

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The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

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