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Bathroom Trends: Our 8 Favorite Statement Pieces

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary for relaxation, which you can achieve by opting for an all-white or neutral materials palette to create a serene, spa-like space. If you prefer a bathroom with a less clinical look, then soft colors, darker tones, and sculptural forms can help to inject personality and make the room feel more fun.

By Alyn Griffiths

As published in GRAY magazine No. 60

freestanding bathtub, red glass round bathtub

The Borghi freestanding bathtub by Gumdesign is made from translucent resin, which is available in bold colors and features a narrow base that creates a floating effect.

modern bathroom faucet, round disc handle

The Limón faucet, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape, combines a simple, cylindrical body with a circular handle for a fixture that is also a work of sculpture.

industrial copper bathroom faucet

The Helm faucet by Lopez Quincoces is both classical and distinctly modern in its design, which deconstructs the familiar faucet and reconfigures it as a series of cylindrical elements.

Bathroom accessories in gold-colored resin, stone look

Piero Lissoni’s Lost Stones texture for Salvatori uses gold-colored resin to bind broken pieces of stone in a process inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi.

oval marble bathtub

The monolithic marble Lusso bathtub from Waterworks instantly introduces a sense of refined, spa-like luxury to any contemporary bathroom.

white bathtub with angled corners, brass bathroom fixtures, herringbone flooring, green panel walls

The Belshire bathroom collection from DXV is inspired by the glamour of the Art Deco style. Its elegant forms and materials reference the iconic architecture of the 1920s, including New York City’s Empire State Building and Chrysler Building

Round bathtub in industrial space black stone, concrete, brick wall, art of woman on chair

The gentle, elliptical shape of the BetteEve bathtub references natural forms, and its narrow ends provide comfortable backrests for two bathers, if you’re happy to share.

pink bathroom tiles brass bathroom sink suspended oval mirror, globe lighting

The Ann Sacks Idris by Aït Manos tiles, seen here in powder pink in the washrooms at Seattle’s Willmott’s Ghost restaurant, are made using the Moroccan zellige technique, in which each tile is shaped, chiseled, and glazed by hand. Photographed by Kevin Scott.


This is a segment from "The Great Room Revival," a room-by-room collection of stylish furniture, lighting, kitchen appliances, and homewares.


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