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Arrive East Austin’s Check-In Desk is Not Where You’d Expect

Arrive Hotels & Restaurants’ Austin installment features pared-down interiors and a registration desk at the hotel bar.

By Rachel Gallaher with Teaghan Skulzski

If anyone knows how to arrive in style, it’s architect and developer Chris Pardo,

and the latest installment in his Arrive Hotels & Restaurants chain, opened in Austin, Texas, in July, upholds his dedication to skillfully pared-down, approachable design.

Arrive East Austin greets guests with an undulating façade that follows Pardo’s personal rule of thumb: “Buildings should have three materials.” The design hews to a palette of concrete, brick, and glass, which appear throughout Arrive’s 83 rooms and communal spaces. “The concrete floors create action in the ribbon of the exterior, while the brick walls provide [a sense of] protection and the glass creates transparency,” he says. Upon check-in at the bar, guests receive a complimentary drink and snack, and they can text requests to hotel staff during their stay.

The first floor holds Vixen’s Wedding, a Goan-Portuguese fusion restaurant, while the laid-back Lefty’s Brick Bar offers indoor and outdoor seating. As the name promises, it features ample exposed brick and concrete, enlivened with playful murals by local artists Jason Archer, Josh Row, and Erin Bower.


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