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Whimsy-Meets-Sophistication in New York's New L'OBJET Boutique

L'OBJET, the luxury brand by New York-based designer Elad Yifrach, has opened its new, highly anticipated brick-and-mortar location on Madison Avenue.

Entrance to L'objet boutique, NY

Customers entering the new L'OBJET boutique in New York's Upper East Side are met with the whimsical, eye-catching designs synonymous with the brand's eclectic style. Such items include playful objects from the brand’s latest collaboration with the Haas Brothers, as well as a curated collection of favorite L'OBJET designs such as the Lito, Timna, and Cubisme collections. Founder and creative director, Elad Yifrach, collaborated with the creative architectural agency Rigos Mills to create a platform rich in texture without distracting from the displays of home decor, dinnerware, and apothecary items.

whimsical objects on display at l'objet NY

Complimenting L'OBJETS' collections, the boutique is finished in a balance of warm finishes including terrazzo, suede, travertine, and wood. “We’re excited to launch our new retail concept on Madison Avenue, [to] connect and inspire our clients with highly curated stories of our objects, home fragrance, and apothecary bar,” says founder, Yifrach, of the new shop. “We wanted this space to be an immersive touchpoint for our customers, where they can get an intimate experience immersing themselves into the world of L’OBJET.”

l'objet founder in new boutique, NY

Founder and creative director, Elad Yifrach, relaxing in the new L'OBJET boutique in New York.

Founded in 2004, L'OBJET prides itself on creating spirited objects using old-world techniques. Through passion, imagination, and innovation, each collection exceeds traditional craftsmanship, creating a new echelon of modern artistry. Rich in detail, the brand's creations result from Yifrach's passion for design, the use of high-quality materials, and the experience and knowledge gained from his lifelong travels.


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