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Spotlight: Teig Lamp, 2021 GRAY Awards Finalist

A closer look at Teig Lamp, one of five finalists in the 2021 GRAY Awards Furniture/Lighting Product Design category.

Teig Lamp

Modern table lamp

Rooted in postmodern design, the Teig Lamp’s timeless silhouette and versatile application perfectly encompass Schoolhouse’s core design values of simplicity, utility, and longevity. Named after the German word for “dough,” the Teig is a dimmable table lamp is perfectly proportioned to assist wherever additional light is needed. A vibrant palette of persimmon, industrial yellow, alder green, and pool blue pay homage to the playful era of vintage Braun electronics while a neutral option of shell white and ash infuse calm.

Inspired by the years one of Schoolhouse's designers spent abroad in Germany, the company aimed to create a small-scale lamp that celebrates the joy found in simple, everyday moments — in this case, getting up early to eat freshly baked bread from a local bakery.


Design Team:

Katie Elliott

Tana Sollars


Photography: Better Things Studio

Date of Completion: August 2021


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