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By Rachel Gallaher Images by Miranda Estes

Parachute has opened its newest retail location in Seattle.

Parachute, the high-quality, non-toxic bedding and bath accessories company with a cult-like following, has opened its most recent brick-and-mortar location in Seattle’ University Village shopping center. The company’s largest boutique to date, the store espouses its retail approach of creating spaces that feel more like welcoming place to gather than just a pop-in-pop-out shopping experience.

“All of our stores are designed to feel like a home and a space to gather rather than a traditional shopping destination,” says Parachute founder and CEO Ariel Kaye, who designed the location along with vice president of retail, David Heikka. “We want customers to relax and experience our products authentically—much like they would live in your own home. While our design is somewhat consistent across locations with similar color choices and fixtures, we make sure each location has their own unique touches. We pull inspiration from the city and neighborhood and look to local artists to help us fill the space with distinctive pieces.”

A section of the store dedicated to the company's popular bedding offerings.

The store is divided into three sections with rooms separated by arched walls that add a sense of discovery throughout. Concrete floors, neutral a neutral color palette, and light-toned wood casing and details creating a calming atmosphere, while a fireplace just inside the entrance is a refined nod to the region. A large, framed photograph of the Washington coastline by photographer Mitchell Bryant and a hanging Noguchi light fixture provide an artistic, layered touch. Outside, the storefront is clad in a ribbed tile meant to evoke wood detailing and the idea of handcrafted workmanship. It also references Parachute’s emphasis on the tactile, as does a marble sink in the store that allows customers to test out the absorbency of the towels.

“Our stores welcome guests to touch, feel, and interact with the products in a natural way,” Kay explains. “We have seating areas where people can look at fabrics, discuss their options, or get inspiration as they look around. We also have our stores set up like a home that moves from public spaces like a living room to more private spaces like the bedroom. This homey, communal feel allows customers to get comfortable and unwind, much like you would want any guest that comes into your home to feel.”

A neutral palette brings a bright, fresh feel to the space, while arches between rooms promote a sense of discovery.

Additional details include a kitchen and nursery complete with whimsical wallpaper by Kelly Ventura and the Sparrow Crib and six-drawer dresser from Ouef. The kitchen features a Terra Kaffe TK 01 coffee maker, where beverages using Seattle’s own Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.’s beans will be served.

“We’ve been trying to get into Seattle for years,” Kaye says. “I’ve enjoyed my visits to Seattle over the years—the city has a wonderful mix of incredible food, sights to see and we already have an established customer base here which always makes opening more fun. We are excited to deepen our connection in the city and meet both our new and existing customers in person!”


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