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Lexon’s New Bali Collection Checks the Boxes of Beauty and Function

In December, the French electronics company Lexon releases a technologically advanced collection of mobile charging devices with a look inspired by nature.

By Claire Butwinick

Opposites don’t always attract, but the French electronics brand Lexon’s new line of mobile device accessories displays an unlikely harmony between technology and its usual antithesis, nature. Conceived in collaboration with Paris design studio Quaglio Simonelli, the Bali Collection, which launches this December, is composed of a wireless charger and three power banks, all with a wavy design that symbolizes the flow of energy through the products to a phone, much as sap flows through the veins of leaves.

“This design makes the Bali products look both natural and decorative,” say Quaglio Simonelli cofounders Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, who have also designed Lexon’s miniature Mino Bluetooth speaker and abstract Hope piggybank. “We gave this collection the name Bali because it is a place where nature is luxuriant.”

Composed of black or white polycarbonate/ABS (a thermoplastic polymer known for impact resistance and electric insulation properties), the devices are both technologically advanced and aesthetically beautiful without looking showy, and the wireless charger is one of the slimmest on the market.

As the designers say, “It is essential for [our collections] to make their presence pleasant and their functions intelligent so that they can animate our environment instead of polluting it.”


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