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Sept. 22–25, 2022

peel and stick wallpaper in bright colors paintbrush strokes on canvas in pink red magenta yellow marigold wallpaper
Rollout wallpaper featured on the GRAY Stage at IDS Vancouver 2022.

IDS Vancouver, the internationally lauded interior design show, returns to the Vancouver Convention Centre (Sept. 22–25, 2022) and GRAY is here for it!

The border is open and we’re headed north for the vast exhibition of Canadian and international design. Centered on the theme “New Futures,” IDS Vancouver continues to draw dynamic talent and brands to the show, including speakers Alessandro Munge and Massimo Buster Minale, and offers a robust conference schedule, inspiring installations, and more. Here are a few highlights:


We're looking forward to seeing everyone in person again and getting a sneak peek at this year's exhibits during the Opening Night Party. (Get 20% off ticket price with code GRAYMAG20, link here)


IDS Vancouver is known for its standout seminars and keynotes and there are two stages on the stage floor — the main stage sponsored by Caesarstone and the GRAY Stage. Each offer entertaining, educational, and uplifting inspiration with heading design authorities. This year, GRAY is brining our popular video series, In the Design Lounge, to the stage where series host Brandon Gaston will chat with designers about the industry's paradigm shift and the significance that design has on our future. Here's the stage line up:


9:15 a.m. * GRAY Stage

In the Design Lounge: Why the Design World Should Not Be Afraid of the Metaverse

A conversation between Jordan Kallman (The Social Concierge) and host Brandon Gaston (GRAY)

10 a.m. * Caesarstone Stage

Reinventing the Forgotten

Massimo Buster Minale (Buster + Punch, London) in conversation with Annaliesse Kelly (AK Design)

11:30 a.m. * Caesarstone Stage

We are Better Together: People, Partnerships, Place

Bridgitte Alomes (Natural Pod) in conversation with May Globus (Hearts of Canada)

12:45 p.m. * GRAY Stage

In the Design Lounge: When to Trust That You’ve Reached the Tipping Point

A conversation between Michelle Dirkse (Michelle Dirkse) and host Brandon Gaston (GRAY)

1:30 p.m. * Caesarstone Stage

Community = Collaboration Over Competition

Lora Appleton (Female Design Council)

3:30 p.m. * Caesarstone Stage

Alessandro Munge

(Studio Munge) in Conversation with Elizabeth Pagliacolo (AZURE)



11 a.m. * GRAY Stage

Prototype Awards: Meet the Next Generation of Designers

GRAY presents the finalists and winner of IDS Vancouver's 2022 design competition

12:15 a.m. * GRAY Stage

Source of Inspiration: Chatting With Some of Today's Most Exciting B.C. Designers

Julia Dilworth, Author of West Coast North moderates a conversation with designers Ben Leavitt (Plaid Fox), Kate Snyder (Studio Roslyn), Sean Pearson (RUF), and Kyla Bidgood (Bidgood + Co.)

1:30 p.m. * Caesarstone Stage

Interior Design, Infinite Possibilities

Melanie Cherrier and Laurence Pons-Lavigne (Blanc Marine Intérieurs)

2:30 p.m. * GRAY Stage

In the Design Lounge: Reconnecting with Karin Bohn

A conversation between Karin Bohn (House of Bohn and Netflix Restaurants on the Edge) and host Brandon Gaston (GRAY)

3:30 p.m. * Caesarstone Stage

Little Black Book of Interior Design

Gillian Segal (Gillian Segal Design)



Beginning at 10:30 a.m. * GRAY Stage

GRAY LAB: A Variety of Hands-On Demonstrations

GRAY opens up the stage area to designers and makers for a collection of dynamic demos throughout the day

1 p.m. * Caesarstone Stage

The New Mix

Nam Dang-Mitchell (Nam Dang-Mitchell Design Inc.)

2:30 p.m. * Caesarstone Stage

Pure Style

Ami McKay (PURE Design Inc.)


wood sculpture in light ash on beige background

STUDIO NORTH: One of our favorite IDS features, Studio North, is a curation of one-off and limited-edition furnishings from innovative designers and makers. This year’s showcase includes a new collection from Sarah Lesher (shown above) and a collaboration between Irina Flore and Native Shoes.

FEATURE: Caesarstone, renewing its commitment to sustainability, opted to donate exhibit space this year to sustainable designers. The central feature, Dappled, is an installation designed by Donohoe Living Landscapes. In reference to one of nature’s most delicate yet powerful performances—the animated display of flickering light across nature’s canvas as sunlight filters through the trees—the feature represents the reflection on life’s enhanced interactions with nature post pandemic. “COVID-19 cleared our calendars and closed nearly everything but the great outdoors. Amid the chaos, we had the opportunity to slow down and find joy in the smaller details of life,” noted the designers. “This is a time to reflect, not to forget.”

composite mockup of LED neon sign for GRAY magazine shown on gray wall wood floor, brown midcentury modern chair and Yellowpop logo
Custom LED sign by Yellowpop for GRAY.
peel and stick wallpaper brightly colored paint brushstrokes on canvas pink red magenta yellow marigold
Colourinky wallpaper by Rollout.

GRAY’s In the Design Lounge video series comes to the GRAY Stage. Series host Brandon Gaston visits with designers and visionaries about the global paradigm shift in design and the significant role design plays in our future. For their backdrop, we opted for a theme of joy and optimism. We chose Rollout’s vivid Colourinky wallpaper for the stage wall (shown right, top), customized as a peel-and-stick for this application. The pattern, designed by Robert Sangster, is based on a series of paintings he did for the PrideHouse Lounge for the PanAm Games in Toronto. We tapped Yellowpop to customize oversized LED neon signs for the "GRAY" and "G" logos, and EQ3 for stage furnishings and accessories.

Thank you to all of our partners and collaborators. See you there!


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