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GRAY AWARDS 2020 Editors' Picks

See the entries that caught our editors’ eyes.


Editors’ Pick: Serafina Lamp

Illuminata Art Glass Design

By GRAY Editors

Table lamp blue base with black shade with brushed metallic inside  white background

The Serafina Lamp in peacock blue glass by Illuminata Art Glass Design. Image by Alec Miller.

Award-winning glass artist Julie Conway, owner and designer at Seattle’s Illuminata Art Glass Design, has been working with glass for more than 20 years. Since launching her career in 1997, Conway has honed her nuanced glassmaking skills, traveling the world to participate in exclusive gallery shows and taking every opportunity to work as a studio assistant to learn glassmaking with both American and European glass masters. One of her latest works, the Serafina Lamp (part of the Lumi Collection, released in 2019) is an example of elegance in simplicity and restraint.

“The Serafina Table Lamp is my first attempt at creating a table lamp,” Conway writes in her entry. “I wanted the glass to be the star, with edgy drilling and substantial thickness for optics. With the shades, I can now add elements of surprise with gorgeous brushed metal interiors to the linen drums.”

Close up of table lamp glass fixture metallic brushed inside of lamp shade white background

Closeup of the Serafina Lamp in clear glass with the snow-white linen shade option. Image by Alec Miller.

The initial design began with a clear glass base, which allows the woven cloth cord to serve as an organic design element. The editors loved the unassuming shape paired with the luxe details such as the thick glass and peekaboo brushed metal interior of the shade (it comes in either copper or brass) and the ability to customize the piece based on your interiors (the shade’s exterior is custom-made with charcoal-toned or snow-white linen, and the colors available for the glass base are clear, smoke gray, peacock blue, and rose quartz). This versatile piece is perfect for an office, bedroom, hallway, or living room… okay, it goes great anywhere, and it’s a testament to the importance supporting learned, skills craftspeople in order to keep great design alive for years to come.

CATEGORY: Product Design: Lighting, Furniture

PROJECT: Serafina Lamp

FIRM: Illuminata Art Glass Design


LOCATION: Seattle, Washington, United States



Julie Conway


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