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Design Museum Everywhere announces the first Design Museum Week

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April 25-29, 2022 | Boston, MA - Design Museum Everywhere announces the first Design Museum Week, which will feature five days of virtual and in-person programming in cities around the country from April 25-29, 2022. The week features 40+ virtual sessions with industry leaders in design, business, and social impact from Netflix, Steelcase, Autodesk, Pentagram, Gensler, and more. All of the virtual sessions will be available to registrants after the program so participants can learn asynchronously. Participants can also attend in-person evening receptions in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Austin, and Portland, Oregon. The program will explore innovation and urgent topics in design across twelve impact areas: workplace, community, business, play, entrepreneurship, sustainability, education, healthcare, social impact, data visualization, vibrant cities, and civic innovation. The schedule is a mix of keynote presentations, interactive workshops, panels, and lightning talks to spark conversations, inspire, and educate professionals across design fields. There are programs for both emerging and established design professionals as well as design enthusiasts. Participants will be invited to consider what’s next for themselves as well as their community, workplace, and the planet. Centering historically underrepresented communities is a common thread, from how to apply an equity lens to data visualization to an investigation of the Black experience in design. There are several sessions on work; professionals can receive guidance on how to embrace their passions in their current jobs and future careers, and employers will learn how to design happy workplaces that foster talent. At the same time, leading voices in sustainability will present on how every designer can lower their carbon footprint as well as reimagine an education system that is both healthy and sustainable. “The presenters will bring unique perspectives to the unprecedented moment we’re in, and how designers and non-designers alike can implement immediate change for themselves and their broader communities,” said Jocelyn Rice, Design Museum Everywhere’s Director of Design Thought Leadership.

To purchase tickets, visit here.


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