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Bidgood’s Immersive Embodiment of A Futuristic Utopia at DesignCon

Award-winning studio Bidgood presents ‘Dopamine Dreams’ at Destination DesignCon 2023: Victoria, an installation that explores the theme of a surreal reality.


lemons chrome ball chrome fabric orange poppy on green background
Cocktail bar design concept. Image courtesy Bidgood.

At the Destination DesignCon: Victoria After Party, Bidgood presents ‘Dopamine Dreams,’ a cocktail bar installation featuring Canadian brands and services.

Bidgood is a design studio based in Victoria, British Columbia, founded by creative director Kyla Bidgood. The studio’s interior projects blur the lines between design eras and styles, resulting in spaces that embrace warmth and texture, and are both thoroughly functional and artistically uplifting. For this project, they remain true to style.

The installation is described as a journey to jubilance, ”‘Dopamine Dreams’ is an experiential play on illusion and social re-connection," notes Bidgood, "where distorted chrome and technicolor forms are reclaimed by nature to form a surreal reality. Join us in an immersive embodiment of a futuristic utopia."


Bidgood teamed up with two former clients, Hey Happy will serve up two signature cocktails and Rook & Rose will provide florals and greenery. Their affiliated companies Strong Built and Trestle Millwork are on tap for fabrication and set up. Product sponsors Above 90 Lighting have coordinated a Tom Dixon feature chandelier, Formations donated Formica countertops, and Levy Industries contributed decorative film.

The After Party event is produced for GRAY by Tyson Villeneuve, an event producer and founder of Villeneuve Creative Consulting and founding partner of The Social Concierge, a boutique branding, marketing, and event design agency.

Come see the installation and celebrate design with us in person.


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