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MuteDesign launches a customizable office system in a distinctive color palette.

modular office workspaces in blush pink with conference table curtains and modern furniture

In response to the radically changing ways in which companies view and use office spaces, Mute Design has launched a flexible, modular workspace configuration system called OmniRoom. Ranging in size from 39 to 188 square feet and designed to accommodate two to four people, the collection’s individual rooms are easily assembled and joined together with a patented click-in system that allows users to create a unique setup for everything from one-on-one meetings to large group workshops.

Drawing inspiration from the shape of the Tesla Cybertruck, Mute designer Jakub Sobiepanek relished the rare opportunity to think through every aspect of a single space—from desks and workstations to a wall-mounted furniture system. With only 18 months to complete an ambitious set of comprehensive designs, he and the Mute team collaborated with architects, fabric designers, and technologists to create a flexible and beautiful office space solution with a distinctive color palette and efficient packability. Since the product’s launch in June, Mute has already received inquiries about adaptations for home and event use, two potential markets that Sobiepanek says the company is excited to explore.

modular office workspace system in dark bue

To differentiate the modular workspace system from its competitors, designer Jakub Sobiepanek introduced special features including a flexible, wall-mounted system for hanging desks, shelves, cabinets, and more.


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