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Carr discusses why she designs and reflects on attending one of the grandest events in the world.

portrait of designer Laurence Carr

Interior and product designer Laurence Carr.

Born in France, interior and product designer Laurence Carr has traveled the globe for school, work, and building two forward-thinking and sustainability-focused design companies. Carr grew her design knowledge and expertise while attending Paris Universite VIII and Parsons The New School in NYC. Her self-proclaimed style: “21st Century Eclecticism,” emerged through the culmination of her education and experience living throughout Europe, Australia, and Asia before settling in New York and founding her interior design studio Laurence Carr, Inc.

Carr is well-established in the design industry as a sustainability leader. She is a member of the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network advisory committee and holds the position of Sustainability Ambassador for the Paris-based trade fair Maison&Objet. Further emphasizing her dedication to sustainability, she is Healthy Materials Lab certified, Living Future accredited, and has received numerous awards for her work in sustainable interior design.

And, Carr recently founded Studio Laurence, a luxury home goods brand that prioritizes design and production methods that focus on sustainability and circular design practices while limiting environmental impact.

Organically shaped vases

The new Capsule Collection by Studio Laurence is made from Nature’s Legacy’s proprietary, durable biomaterials: Stonecast®, Naturescast®, and/or Nucast®.

Aligning with her role as Sustainability Ambassador for this fall’s edition of Maison&Objet (September 7-11, 2023), Carr is presenting her latest zero-waste Capsule Collection by Studio Laurence as part of M&O’s partner event, Paris Design Week’s prestigious Paris Design Week Factory. As we near her unveiling, GRAY chatted with Carr to ask a few enlightening questions...

Colorful living room interior design, vintage and modern

This residence, designed by Laurence Carr, Inc., balances vintage and modern aesthetics by utilizing Feng Shui, biophilic practices, and custom circular design pieces.

1. Why choose a career in design?

In the 21st century, now more than ever, design has the power to influence the world’s perception and to trigger people’s emotions. Through their work, designers apply their focus and artistic talents to address the world’s major problems. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to co-create effective solutions and solve human issues alongside other experts.

While I always had a fascination for architecture and design -- born in part from my childhood in Europe, in areas rich with artistic inspiration -- what I find more intriguing and motivating is to enhance human wellness and well-being through scientific innovation, artistic expression, and creative consideration that are the fabric of the design world.

large curved white vase with a chair and marble hanging pieces
Studio Carr's Swan vessel is handmade using Stonecast®, a proprietary material consisting of crushed stone, dry-stamped into a mold to simulate the natural formation of limestone.

2. For you, what’s the most exciting thing currently happening in the world of design?

I am encouraged (and relieved) to see a focus on sustainability finally coming to the forefront of the global design conversation. Considering the impact that the built environment and design industries have on the environment, it is incumbent upon us professionals to take responsibility and embrace shifts that can pivot our global impact from a negative to positive influence on the Earth, its ecosystems, and its inhabitants. And, just as my own journey into sustainability turned me into an advocate for circularity—which has the potential to make even bigger and more lasting positive impacts—I hope the rest of the industry follows suit in their interests and commitments.

3. What’s the most exciting invitation you’ve ever received?

When I lived in Australia, I worked as an event organizer for the Sydney Olympic Games and I was honored with an invitation to their opening ceremony. It was such a grand-scale and artistic celebration of culture, resilience, and inclusivity. The music, performances, people, energy, and design moved me deeply.

I found their Fire and Nature segment especially memorable: they creatively showcased the Australian outback, wildlife, and flora—honoring the natural elements of the land and its native people. In retrospect, I feel that was an early influence in my love of biophilia in design, the sustainable inclusion of natural elements to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, which has a tremendous impact on human wellbeing and the quality of a space.

colorful framed art in a home office with a burgundy velvet chair

Focusing on the homeowners love of fine art, this office space, designed by Laurence Carr inc., creates a peaceful space while emphasizing a place of wellbeing.

Photographs by Kelly Marshall Photography.


For more information on Laurence Carr, Inc., visit their website.

For more information on Studio Laurence, visit their website.

For tickets and more information to Maison&Objet Paris, visit their website.


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