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Stewart Horner on Using AI for Product Design

We're in a place right now where product designers are using Artificial Intelligence as a tool to concept new design. Stewart Horner visits Brandon Gaston In the Design Lounge to talk through his vision and exploration of the AI-generated creative process.

AI generated furniture design concept rendering dark red maroon burgundy soga floor lamp with 3 globes brass
Interiors and product designer Stewart Horner's AI series "Three Daughters."

Recorded at The Studio at North Rim

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In the Design Lounge is a digital series of casual, 1:1 conversations with designers and industry leaders who are making waves in their field. Unexpected and thought-provoking questions coupled with our host's vivacious energy provides viewers with insight into the most tantalizing aspects of design. Guests include leading experts and designers from brands such as Adidas, Google, Microsoft, Schmidt Naturals, Herman Miller, Marvin, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and so many more.

ABOUT THE HOST Brandon Gaston is GRAY’s senior digital content strategist, host of GRAY’s In the Design Lounge digital series, and the founder and creative director of PALATTE Agency, a full-service luxury lifestyle marketing agency.


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