2021 #stayout

Berlin artists Plastique Fantastique turn #stayhome on its head.

In a hypothetical turn of events, houses and air are contaminated and people are urged to live outside in bubbles. Artists Marco Canevacci and Yena Young of Plastique Fantastique imagine that a new, fictional infrastructure for living will emerge.

performance art installation at urban park in Berlin, plastic bubble structures with people living inside and park visitors walking by

Photographed by Marco Canevacci

#stayout’ is an installation of architecture and performance art in Berlin that mirrors and questions our habits as individuals in public. Raising the stakes of our current COVID-19 crisis, the artists reflect current sociopolitical tendencies and create dystopian to optimistic visions of our future.

urban art exhibit outdoors with woman walking in park with hazmat suit and bull horn

Photographed by Johan Planefeldt

public art installation in Berlin park with conical bubble with black paint on the sides, a woman in a hazmat suit looking inside

Photographed by Marco Canevacci

Composed of several pneumatic structures, performers in each bubble playfully invite visitors to contemplate the scenario and interact with the experiment as they grapple with environmental change, physical proximity and distance, private vs. public life, state and social control vs. self-determination and freedom, the emerging of social role structures, and the tension between isolation and communication.

beach party scene in green bubble in city park

Photographed by Johan Planefeldt

woman in silver dress sitting in bubble in park eating popcorn and watching park visitors

Photographed by Johan Planefeldt