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Spotlight: Old Las Palmas, 2021 GRAY Awards Finalist

A closer look at Old Las Palmas, one of five finalists in the 2021 GRAY Awards Residential Interior Design category.

Old Las Palmas

Colorful residential interior design with tile floor, yellow sofa and rich blue accents

Purchased as an escape from the rain and cold of Pacific Northwest winters, this home in Palm Spring's Old Las Palmas neighborhood—a playground for the Hollywood stars in the 1920s—is set against the backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains. Originally owned by Abe Bernstein, leader of the infamous Prohibition-era Purple Gang, the house was seen by the new owners as a place to entertain and embrace the spirit and lifestyle of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Bathroom design with blue bath basin and exposed wood ceiling

With a clear vision for their home from the start, the homeowners gravitated away from the more expected midcentury Palm Springs experience and towards a playful, vibrant interpretation of the Spanish Mission style that their home already embodied.

Over the years, several remodels led to a major disconnect between interior and exterior styles. An extensive remodel was required to reorganize spaces within and to re-envision the interior and exterior in a more cohesive way. Lucas Interior set out to develop a program centered around the couple's lifestyle that focused on maintaining key elements that felt architecturally true to the original structure. They opened up as much of the perimeter walls and added floor-to-ceiling steel and glass pivot doors that kept with the original home and further emphasized the pool and outdoor living area.

Palm Springs Bedroom Design with exposed wood ceiling and french doors to beautiful patio

"The most astonishing part of the home is its ability to be bold, distinct and yet comfortable and not overwhelming," notes Lucas Interior. "Our clients wanted furniture that they could take a mid-afternoon siesta on and that could withstand some wear from guests" The result is a fresh, inviting and unexpected interior filled with cozy, durable textures, bespoke furnishings and unexpected finishes. The home is a perfect getaway that provides a fun, festive environment to relax and enjoy some sun.


Design Team:

Suzie Lucas & David Lucas


Contractor: Palm Pacific Construction

Photography: Douglas Friedman

Date of Completion: December 2020


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