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Stockpiler launches “Designers in Residence”

STARTING TODAY AND RUNNING THROUGH MARCH 15, PORTLAND-BASED “ROAMING GALLERY” STOCKPILER LAUNCHES A COLLABORATIVE STOREFRONT RESIDENCY PROJECT CALLED “DESIGNERS IN RESIDENCE,” AT ALEXA STARK STUDIO. The first week’s events will feature a handful of Portland-based “slow fashion” designers such as Natalie Ebaugh and Alexa Stark. Slow fashion borrows its name from the slow food movement, a call-to-action for restaurants to feature local cuisine with local ingredients. Slow fashion champions handcrafted, small batch, and using up-cycled materials, with fewer collections released each year.

Residency participants include Amy Yeung of L.A.-based Orenda Tribe (Feb. 26 – March 3), and Kate Troyer and Shelby Morgan of Veil & Valor in Portland (March 8 – March 15). Yeung will create her spring collection with fabrics recently gathered on her trip to Peru, plus her archives of threadbare indigo Mali Cloth. Troyer and Morgan of Veil & Valor embrace creating all-seasons, limited-edition collections that can be mixed and matched. Well-established Portland designer Alexa Stark stated mission is to unify form, function, and material, using processes and production methods that recognize the importance of sustainability and healthy work standards.

Stockpiler is the brainchild of photographer and weaver Christopher Dibble, who is now in partnership with Mariel Pitti, artist and former Gallery Store Director of Museum of Contemporary Craft. Stockpiler focuses on early and mid-career artists to curate and produce showcases and events.

Throughout the residencies, guests may visit the designers at Stark’s studio at 811 E. Burnside #114, 11 am – 7 pm. Hours may vary depending on each designers practice. Check on or on Instagram (@stockpiler) for any updates regarding studio hours as well as dates and times of upcoming events.

March 2: First Friday Party, 6-8pm March 8: International Women’s Day Celebration


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