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globe pendant lights hanging in a cave

Italian craftsmanship meets Scandinavian architectural know-how in a newly released collaboration between lighting specialist Lodes and international design studio Snøhetta. Volum—a modular pendant collection—pays homage to the Italian tradition of globe-shaped glass lamps and the glassblowing process that yields naturally imperfect shapes. For Oslo-based Snøhetta, the project was a study in creating adaptable and scalable pendant light solutions. The understated pieces are available in four sizes, and each one hangs from a single, transparent power cable that puts the focus on the glass globe. Whether hung individually for a chic and minimal look, or clustered in large groups for maximum impact, the pendants further Lodes’ ongoing exploration of the relationship between lighting, space, and people.

sketch of overlapping circles in colored ink on white paper
Sketch of Volum.

man holding globe pendant light in his hand
Prototype of Volum.

Making of blown glass Volum pendants. Photographed by Mattia Balsamini.

globe pendant lights hanging over dining tables with gold curtains

cluster of globe pendant lights hanging over workspace seating

cluster of pendant lights in a cave designed by Snohetta for Lodes

Images courtesy Lodes.


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