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MoMo’s Kuala Lumpur Balances Play With Peace and Quiet

The Malaysian hotel offers high-energy entertainment right below its restorative guest rooms.

By Annette Maxon with Claire Butwinick

Photographed by Ormond Group

Combining equal parts play and relaxation, the recently opened MoMo’s Kuala Lumpur welcomes guests to unwind and let loose in whatever style they choose.

Inspired by the vibrant energy that so often draws travelers to Kuala Lumpur, the design team at Sydney-based Akin Atelier, dreamed up the Playground, a vibrant social space located on the hotel’s first floor and decked out with a taco bar (aptly dubbed “MoMosita”), flamingo-colored chairs, and colorful geometric murals.

“The Playground is designed to be a modular, ambiguous, and colorful place that can hold events, exhibitions, and other cultural curations,” says Akin Atelier’s founding director Kelvin Ho. Hosting everything from local art shows and food trucks to musicians and karaoke nights, the Playground reminds the 21+ crowds that it’s okay to have a little extra fun.

When visitors are ready to crash, Momo’s offers 99 sanctuary-like micro rooms that espouse a tranquil, minimalist aesthetic with clean modular lines, snowy walls, and beds on raised Tatami platforms. “Momo’s is irreverent, design-led, and playful,” Ho says. “It challenges the very concept of what a hotel should be.”


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