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GRAY Loves: Shoji Screen-Like Zen Roller from The Shade Store

white window roller shade in room with lounge chair, stack of books, midcentury modern bench

THE TRADITIONAL JAPANESE SHOJI SCREEN—a room divider that’s often constructed from wood or bamboo and lined with thin papyrus or rice paper—is the inspiration behind The Shade Store’s latest window treatment collection: the Zen Roller, launched this past June.

“I discovered the concept for this product while traveling in Europe, and was astonished that nothing like it was available in the United States,” Ian Gibbs, co-founder and chief creative officer for the Port Chester, N.Y.-based company said in a press release. “For the past few years, we’ve worked tirelessly with our production team to create a shade that achieves the same artistic, modern aesthetic but remains highly functional for everyday life.”

The Zen Roller is made using a durable, fibrous material that offers that same texture and light-filtering translucency found in a Shoji screen, that’s then hand-cut into strips that are laid and adhered manually and joined together via a satin nickel or wood finish slat. Look for the shade in 11 different colors, everything from earthy and natural hues to grays and blues.


The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Window Treatments, a resource developed by Edmonton Home.


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