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by GRAY Editors

colorful hexagon tiles on floor with pieces of fruit

A feast for the eyes indeed, these hexagonal cement tiles from Portland-based wallpaper studio, Juju Papers, live up to their “tasty” name. Released last month at ICFF, the Fruit Salad series is Juju Paper founder and creative director Avery Thatcher’s first foray into the realm of handmade tile, though prior experience installing the oft-complex material inspired her to create a version that even tile newbies can handle. (Think a simpler, more spontaneous installation method that only looks intricate.)

“Tile contours traditionally tend to be symmetrical. I wanted to flip the script and create a design that felt more experimental,” Thatcher said in a press release. “The impromptu installation results in a truly random, scattered, colorful pattern; the warmth of a Persian rug combined with the pigment richness and vibrancy of a Morris Lewis painting.”

The 8-inch Fruit Salad tiles come in two colorways (white or black center) and feature shades such as lilac, persimmon, ochre, blush and military blue — all with a matte finish. The combinations are endless, and it looks like a custom installation due to their ability to be randomly configured and still look artfully arranged. From wallpaper to tiles, we hope Thatcher has more surprises in store.


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