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Exhibit Space Design Awards at IDS Vancouver

For the third year in a row, GRAY will be presenting Exhibit Space Design Awards at IDS Vancouver, September 20–23. The five most stunning and surprising booth spaces will receive a wood and acrylic award, hand-made by designer and maker Kate Duncan.

Duncan, who is a big voice for the independent makers in Vancouver, is also the founder of ADDRESS, happening during IDS Vancouver weekend. Part-gallery, part-pop-up shop, and part-showroom, curated by interior designer Amber Kingsnorth of Māk Interiors. GRAY is a proud sponsor of both events, so don’t miss the weekend everyone will be talking about!

What’s the inspiration behind the design of the awards and what is the material?

I wanted something that you would actually want to pick up and hold. Something weighty, so it’s quite bulky and the back is rounded off so it’ll rest in the palm of your hand. I made it from a 4-inch-thick piece of solid black walnut that I had from a leftover project. I’ve been holding onto it for years waiting for something special to use it on.

What was the best part about designing the award?

I really liked breaking into the lumber and milling it down to a shape I was happy with. It was an organic process. I also got to bust out the biggest router bit I have, so that was kinda fun too!

When it comes to booth design style, and as someone who is exhibiting yourself, what do you think makes an impactful space?

I really like the use of bold graphics and text in a booth. Text and graphics can be such a quick and easy way for visitors to learn more about a company’s product or service. I’ve been working closely with Sean Carter from Carter Hales on the design of the booth for ADDRESS this year. It’s been a lot of fun working with him and bringing the whole thing to life!

What do you love about this IDS week/weekend in Vancouver? What can people expect from ADDRESS this year?

I love how the whole design community gets so pumped! Everyone gets spiffed up and it’s a great week to wander around, connect with folks, and open your eyes beyond your own work world to see what’s going on outside throughout the city. I’m so excited about ADDRESS this year! We’ve got a great lineup of folks exhibiting including Brent Comber and Love Jules Leather, and Thrive Art Studio has curated an incredible collection of artwork. You can expect high design from really authentic and talented people.

Tell us about some of your latest projects—and what’s coming up.

I’ve got a new collection in the works and I’ll be debuting a few pieces from that at ADDRESS including a slick new bed design and dining table. It’s all very sculptural and much more fashion-forward than my last body of work. I’m really leaning into a more 70s or even 80s aesthetic—I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to the work.


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