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The Role of Wellness Design in the Workplace

Work and workplace are forever altered since the pandemic. While many companies are working within a hybrid model, employees are being called back to the office in a more structured way and bringing with them a renewed focus on health and wellbeing. With pandemic surges a continuous threat and a renewed emphasis on physical and mental wellbeing, how are our workplaces evolving to meet the needs of tenants and employees? And how will these changes impact the way we work, engage, and build culture within our workplaces post-pandemic?

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Jason Santeford, Architect AIBC, NCARB Managing Director

As a project “synthesizer,” Jason Santeford brings the design and technical disciplines together to deliver a successful project — aesthetically and technically. He believes that a collaboration of the art and science of architecture is essential to elevate projects above the datum of simply building. Jason possesses 20+ years of diverse experience with complex, sophisticated projects of scale including mixed-use, office, healthcare, commercial retail, and residential. This diversity reflects the variety of construction methodologies and unique characteristics inherent to each. Jason is a visionary leader who thinks big picture and mastery of seamless project management and is an advocate for innovative design.


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