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2021 Chicago Architecture Biennial

Sept. 17–Dec. 18 | Chicago

architectural rending of building at night and street scene

Courtesy Chicago Architecture Biennial / Roger Sherman, 2014.

Embracing a collaborative, community-led design approach, the fourth edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, this year titled The Available City, will present transformative possibilities for vacant urban spaces that are created with and for area residents.

Led by artistic director, designer, and educator David Brown, the multi-month event will employ talks, build-outs, exhibitions, and events to confront, and create a dialogue around, the often-opaque process of city design and development, and propose alternative, more inclusive design processes. Biennial programming will take place across digital platforms and throughout Chicago neighborhoods with happenings and installations that activate community gardens, decommissioned schools, and storefronts, in addition to vacant lots. Participating design studios include Borderless Studio, Norman Teague Design Studios, architect Negin Moayer of BNMO Design, and Open Architecture Chicago.


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