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Oct. 2021–Feb. 2022 | Cape Town

NYOKA Rich Mnisi, photograph Southern Guild.

Southern Guild announces Rich Mnisi’s first solo exhibition of collectible furniture, titled Nyoka, which runs from 30 September 2021 to 4 February 2022. The collection—comprising seating, a console, chandelier, rug, and other objects—is a “bold exploration of shape and fluidity, brought vividly to life in a rich array of materials including bronze, wool, resin and glass,” Southern Guild notes. Nyoka draws on Mnisi’s family history and African mythology, and plays with the duality of fear and beauty epitomised by the image of a snake, which gives the show its title in Xitsonga.

Rich Mnisi’s work is shown on the cover and featured inside GRAY magazine No. 59.


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