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Calm and Connection Are Themes at Note Design Studio’s Grow Hotel

This refuge on the road combines vibrant social spaces with dreamy private rooms.

By Annie Dahl with Claire Butwinick

Photographed by Jonas Lindstrom, Staffan Sundström

Last fall, Stockholm welcomed a new business traveler’s respite, Grow Hotel.

Defined by an open-concept lobby that seamlessly segues into a restaurant, bar, and lounge, its main level offers a relaxed atmosphere in which guests connect over meals or cocktails. Designed by 2019 GRAY Awards judge Johannes Carlström of Note Design Studio, Grow employs monochromatic color schemes that correspond with the function of each space—the entrance floor is washed in vivid earthen hues and includes a raw terracotta partition, while the hotel’s 176 rooms feature ceilings in a calming deep blue.

“The overall idea when designing the space was to create a warm and vibrant entrance floor for social interactions,” says Carlström, “and tranquil, almost serene aesthetics in the rooms for a good night’s sleep and recovery.”


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