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Art and Design Have a New Home

by GRAY Editors

WHEN SEATTLE’S PROLIFIC CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY SUYAMA SPACE CLOSED ITS DOORS IN LATE 2016, SEATTLE LOST A UNIQUE VENUE THAT BROUGHT TOGETHER ARCHITECTURE AND ART. But happily, fans of the rotating, large-scale, site-specific art installation model have a place to experience them in the city once again.

Beginning June 1, JW Architects in the Chinatown-International District will open a portion of its zero-energy building along South King Street to host groundbreaking works of art on a yearly basis. Its 2018 large-scale, interactive installation “Cumulus,” from Seattle-based multi-disciplinary artist Liz Tran, “captures the energy of the ever-changing skyscape,” through responsive lighting, sculpture, and color, according to curator and art dealer Sarah Hurt, founder of Seattle Art Source.

“Installations are my favorite form of work, as they create an immersive experience for the viewer, as opposed to looking at a two-dimensional painting on a wall,” Tran says. “The space at JW Architects was especially fun to work with; given the extreme height of the ceiling, it was just calling for a huge vertical element. I’m honored to transform what was already a stunning (and pristine) room.”

Celebrate the opening of the exhibit at JW Architects this Friday, June 1, at 6 pm.

“Cumulus” will be open to the public June – October, Monday – Friday, 9-5 pm

JW Architects, 1257 S King St., Seattle


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