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3 Ideas to Make Your Space More Livable

Architect Michelle Linden's top tips that anyone can do to improve their environments.

black and white portrait of architect Michelle Linden

Earlier this year in an extensive interview with Michelle Linden, co-owner and principal architect of ATELIER DROME architecture + interior design, we asked her to share 3 things anyone can do in their home or work environment RIGHT NOW that would make their space more livable or pleasant to be in. Here are her timeless answers.

Floating home on lake, wood siding, plants, Lake Union Seattle

1. Stop trying to design your home for everyone else (for resale, for the latest Pinterest trends, etc). We are all unique and our homes should be an expression of that, reflecting who we are and not who we think we should be.

small utility room with white wood slat walls, arched door, green door, floating shelf, gold sink fixtures

2. Marie Kondo is right. Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy. We’re all surrounded by so much clutter, and now that we’re spending even more time in our homes, that clutter can be suffocating.

Sitting area with orange sofa, wood slat ceiling, gallery lights, globe pendant lights, tall plant

3. Add some plants!

Read GRAY's full Q&A with Linden, here.


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