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S2 E4 | In the Design Lounge with guests LaQuida Landford and Marta Petteni

In a competition for ideas to repurpose retired Portland light rail cars, The Afro-Village Trains concept won the People’s Choice award. In this episode of In the Design Lounge, LaQuida Landford, founder of the AfroVillage movement, and Marta Petteni, designer, joins host Brandon Gaston at The Sentinel Hotel in Portland to talk about their collaboration on the project, which focuses on supporting homeless individuals of the BIPOC community.

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Pour a beverage and join GRAY In the Design Lounge where we’re mixing business with pleasure over swanky cocktails, casual conversations, and a few fun and games. Host Brandon Gaston visits with guests for an inside look at what drives their creativity, innovation, and success. Cheers!

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