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What I Want for Christmas: Shop Like an Editor

See what GRAY’s deputy editor has on her wish list this holiday season.

By Rachel Gallaher

As a magazine editor, I have a LOT of product pitches come across my desk each week. Some of them make it into the magazine, some of them are featured on our website, and some of them end up on my holiday wish list. Scroll down for some old favorites, some new treats, and to see everything I want this holiday season.

The Hibi Match Co. x KonMari Incense Set

I love incense—my friends recently got me a marble incense holder for my birthday—but sometimes I don’t want it to burn for a long time. This little kit is the perfect solution. A collaboration between organizing queen Marie Kondo and Japan-based Hibi Match Co., these portable incense sets are great as stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or a little holiday treat for yourself! Available in three scents (Cedarwood, Japanese Cyprus, and Ylang Ylang) the kit features incense matches that burn for approximately 10 minutes each. The space retains lingering aromas for around 30 minutes. Talk about sparking joy…literally!

Shop it here.

Esque P.E.T. Pitcher

Part of Portland-based glassblowing studio Esque’s Useful collection, the P.E.T. Pitcher, designed by Esque founder Andi Kovel, is an artful accessory meant to replace single-use plastic water bottles. I drink a LOT of water and by the end of the week my desk tends to be a graveyard for a random assortment of cups, glasses, and bottles. This handblown beauty—a sustainable, reusable, non-toxic glass replica of the ubiquitous single-use version—is created with a process where used plastic water bottles are cast into molds for blowing these glass versions, which are available in clear and multiple colors. It might not help me cut back on drinking vessel use, but it will certainly make my desk a whole lot more stylish.

Shop it here.

ORIGINS Stasis Floral Display

The simplicity of this vase is what first caught my eye. I am an avid minimalist and I love the uncomplicated shape—and streamlined look—of this piece. Handmade in Vancouver by ORIGINS and available in several woods and finishes (Eastern maple with a clear finish seen here), this balanced piece will work with pretty much any style of décor and is a true modern heirloom. I can see it on my nightstand already.

Shop it here.

Little Korboose x Nikkie Stutts Ceramics Yucca Offering Bowl

A collaboration between lifestyle brand Little Korboose and ceramicist Nikkie Stutts, this new 37-piece collection is handmade in Cleveland, Ohio and Sausalito, California—a cross-country collaboration that is a true sign of the times. (Each piece is designed and hand-glazed by April Nemeth—founder of Little Korboose—and the pottery is hand-thrown by Stutts). The Yucca offering bowl is a nuanced blend of bold graphics and organic, hand-shaped work. I could see this on my bathroom counter as a catch-all stop for my jewelry at the end of the night. Gold chains and earrings against the black-and-white design would make for an elegant look.

Shop it here.

Osma Coffee Device

I drink a lot of coffee. A LOT. I love the taste, the ritual of sitting down at my computer with a hot mug… oh yeah and, of course, the caffeine. So, when Portland-based designer Joey Roth reached out about his new Osma coffee device, I was like TELL ME MORE! This little wonder uses a unique brewing technology and biodegradable pods (yes!) to make hot or cold coffee, whichever you prefer—the Osma can make cold brew in under two minutes. At press time, Roth said that they are developing a stainless-steel reusable pod that allows you to use your coffee of choice with zero waste. Take all my money now.

Shop it here.

Amanda Pearl Heart Charm

I have a thing for charms and pendant necklaces. Little things with meaning that can hang on a gold chain and be layered, swapped, mixed, and matched. This sweet charm from New York–based ethical jeweler Amanda Pearl fits the bill 10 times over. Made from 14-karat recycled yellow gold with either a diamond or ruby stone, it reminds me of old-fashioned paper Valentine’s Day cards—the kind I used to meticulously cut out when I was a kid. The company is woman-run by Amanda Brotman (a fellow Seattleite!), who has fought against the traditional retail model, cutting out the middleman and traditional 10-times price markup, bringing luxury accessories directly to the consumer at real, fair prices. I’m obsessed with all of her pieces, but this one has really stolen, ahem, my heart.

Shop it here.

Conway Electric Extō+4

On oldie, but a goodie! I met Conway Electric Founder Kevin Faul six years ago when he was in the beginning stages of launching the Extō—the American-made outlet and extension cord that is safe AND beautiful. We met up, started talking and collaborated on a special edition GRAY Magazine x Conway Electric Extō—I still use mine every single day. Now that I’m working from home and have transferred my entire office setup to my little living room desk, I find that I’m needing more plugs for all the electronics. That’s why the Extō+4 is on my list this year. I’m eyeing the Martha Blue colorway, which is inspired by a lake house on Lake Michigan and the harbor nearby with a sailboat that had a powder-blue hull and an orange-tinged spinnaker. So dreamy! This is the only extension cord you don’t have to hide… in fact, it's so well designed that you’ll want to have it out on display.

Shop it here.

Society Limonta Kash Sheets

My favorite weekend morning ritual is lying in bed for hours with coffee and a book. I don’t feel lazy or like I’m wasting my day… it just a little luxury that I adore, and it makes me happy. That being said, I treat my bed like a sanctuary—I am pretty particular about my sheets. When I was in Milan earlier this year, I learned about Society Limonta (they have most amazing little shop just west of the Porta Nuova neighborhood) and found the holy grail of linens. A total splurge, but the quality means that these sheets will last for years. The Kash flat sheets are a machine-washable cotton-cashmere blend that are soft as a cloud. They come in a series of gray-and-earth tones (Sabbia seen here) that just ooze comfort. I don’t own these yet, but a girl can dream (and dreaming is best with quality sheets!)

Shop it here.

Untamed Humans Skincare

Over the past year I have transitioned my beauty and skincare routine over to using all-natural and “clean” products. So, when I recently learned about Untamed Humans, a new Portland-based skincare line customized to your individual needs, my interest was piqued. One of the founders is an organic chemist who understands who ingredients work together, and the company currently offers five products (custom moisturizer and cleansers, and ready-to-wear mask relief spray, lip balm, and body stick), which means that they are taking time to focus on and perfect the basics rather than bombarding the market with as many items as possible. With simple, active, fresh ingredients (and the option add in CBD), Untamed Humans can help you cut down on your nightly routine and feel better about what you’re putting on your skin.

Shop it here.


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