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Vancouver Interior Designer and YouTuber Karin Bohn Stars in New Netflix Series

House of Bohn founder takes her Pacific Northwest design expertise internationally on the new Netflix special, "Restaurants on the Edge."

By Claire Butwinick

Vancouver-based interior designer and YouTuber Karin Bohn helps transform struggling restaurants around the globe in new Netflix special, Restaurants on the Edge.

Vancouver-based interior designer Karin Bohn is no stranger to the camera. For more than two years, the House of Bohn founder and creative director has been showcasing her office renovation process, project tours, and daily vlogs to more than 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

But now, she’s taking on a new frontier: Netflix’s latest design series "Restaurants on the Edge". Launching globally today, Bohn joins restaurateur Nick Liberato and Canadian chef Dennis Prescott to transform struggling restaurants in some of the world’s most picturesque locations. Across six jam packed episodes, Bohn, Liberato, and Prescott travel to China, Malta, Costa Rica, and more to renovate restaurant interiors, reimagine menus with locally inspired cuisine, and reignite joy for restaurant owners and their community.

“It was an incredibly humbling experience to elicit so much emotion from the owners when they saw their restaurants transformed,” says Bohn, who founded House of Bohn nearly a decade ago. “It reinforced how much design can impact a person’s livelihood, business, and belief in themselves as a business owner.”

Known for designing luxurious Pacific Northwest residences and Vancouver eateries, including Virtuous Pie, Q Shi Q, and Anh + Chi, Bohn stepped out of her comfort zone to create authentic international restaurants with materials sourced from local vendors. “I wanted to stay true to the owners’ and businesses' roots, so it was a stretch not to be designing with a northern west coast aesthetic in mind,” she says. “Instead, I had to get right into different cultures and while it was fun and exciting, I also had to push myself creatively.”

Want to follow Bohn’s design process? Click here to stream Restaurants on the Edge on Netflix.


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