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Tips from the pros at Google, Herman Miller, and more, on growth and innovation

S1 E3 | In the Design Lounge with guests Ivy Ross, Ben Groom, Tyson Villeneuve, Jaime Schmidt

A toast to GROWTH + INNOVATION It is possible to grow and scale your business even in a constantly changing and challenging climate. In this episode of In the Design Lounge, guests Ivy Ross from Google, Ben Groom from Herman Miller, Jaime Schmidt from Schmidt, and Tyson Villeneuve from The Social Concierge join our host Brandon Gaston to discuss why now is the time for businesses to assess and adapt to a quickly evolving market.

How do we use innovative concepts to move a business forward and gain market share? Tune in as our experts explore how they have moved through this unexpected time by using innovative and creative advancements within their companies. From writing a fairytale book to share with Google execs to an events company moving gatherings to a completely virtual platform, learn what innovative choices may help your business grow and gain market share - all over a favorite cocktail!

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Pour a beverage and join GRAY In the Design Lounge where we’re mixing business with pleasure over swanky cocktails, casual conversations, and a few fun and games. Host Brandon Gaston visits with guests for an inside look at what drives their creativity, innovation, and success. Cheers!


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