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These TVs Have Our Design Senses Tingling

LG Electronics just released a sneak peek of their new Lifestyle line of televisions and we're into it.

modern tv that looks like art leaning against concrete wall next to painting and herringbone patterned flooring
LG Objet TV is designed to be positioned against a wall at a gentle angle of up to 5 degrees, like artwork in a modern gallery.

LG Electronics will unveil its new Lifestyle TVs — the Objet and StanbyME — during CES 2022 in Las Vegas this January, and they are quite stunning.

Resembling a canvas, the LG Objet TV blends seamlessly into the background with its minimalist style and subtle use of neutral colors. The interchangeable fabric cover is remote controlled and can be raised or lowered at different levels depending on how much of the screen you'd like to see. The TV’s in-frame cable system makes it easy to connect external devices such as a set-top box or game console and can be positioned against a wall at an angle or installed flush.

Modern LG TV with fabric cover partially covering screen
A fabric cover can be raised or lowered to any position revealing all or part of the TV screen.

While not as arty as the Objet, the StandbyME is definitely next level in terms of function. The battery-powered TV is mounted to a stand and can be swiveled, tilted, rotated to landscape or portrait, raised or lowered, and wheeled around from room to room. It offers Mobile Screen Mirroring, which works seamlessly with the latest Android and iOS smartphones and NFC, and has a removable phone cradle on top of the TV for video calls, online classes and streaming content. Users can also connect their laptops or PCs via a wired (USB, HDMI) or wireless connection.

TV on a stand in a kitchen
LG StandbyME TV is on a stand with concealed wheels so that it can easily be moved around.

Images courtesy LG

LG is slated to share more of the new Lifestyle TV lines at CES 2022 on January 4 at 08:00 PST. .


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