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Spotlight: Pries, 2021 GRAY Awards Finalist

A closer look at Pries, one of five finalists in the 2021 GRAY Awards Residential Interior Design category.


Mexican inspired interior design with arched french doors

This house was originally designed and built by architect Lionel Pries in 1930. An innovative designer and architect, Pries had an appreciation for design movements of the past, particularly those originating in Mexico. His affinity for the Spanish/Mexican influence can be clearly seen in this house—from the clay tile roof to the Mexican-themed cast stone lintel over the front door—which was in need of a significant floor plan floor plan rework to improve circulation and spatial connections for modern living. Several remodels over the years had created a mishmash of stylistic choices and a maze of rooms which had diminished the home’s original character.

Mexican inspired interior design livingroom

Drawing from the historical influence imparted by Pries, Hoedemaker Pfeiffer drew from favorite elements of Spanish and European design to create a unique aesthetic that feels true to the original house, while also being fresh and modern. A large addition at the back of the house made space for a larger kitchen, new sunroom, and butler’s pantry, along with an additional bedroom suite on the second floor. Additional tweaks were made throughout the rest of the house to create a modern floor plan all the while paying special attention to blur the lines between the old and new. New materials such as steel windows, brick and clay roof tile were carefully selected to blend in with the existing materials of the house.

Though the house is in a historic, traditional neighborhood in Seattle, the client wanted the interiors of the house to reflect a more contemporary style that includes vintage pieces from midcentury standouts Guillerme et Chambron, Charles Dudouyt, Arne Norell and others.

modern Kitchen design with large island


Design Team:

Steve Hoedemaker – Partner (Architecture)

Kelly Jimenez – Principal & Architect

Tim Pfeiffer – Partner (Interiors)

Peak Petersen – Senior Interior Designer


Contractor: Lockhart Suver

Landscape: Cambium Landscape

Interior designer: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Structural Engineer: Malsam Tsang

Lighting Designer: Brian Hood Lighting Design

Photography: Haris Kenjar

Date of Completion: June 2019


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