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New Kam Ce Kam Collaboration Supports Indian Craftspeople

Designed by Morgane Roux-Lafargue of Atelier Avéus*, the marble-and-brass Agni healing set is the first piece created in support of the furniture brand’s mission to partner established designers with Indian artisans.

By Lauren Mang

London-based furniture and interiors brand Kam Ce Kam is embarking on a journey to bring Indian craft to a wider audience.

The first endeavor in support of this mission is Agni, a contemporary marble-and-brass healing set designed in collaboration with French architect and designer Morgane Roux-Lafargue of Atelier Avéus*.

“The combination of the round marble tray and the brass chalice was a subtle representation of a shrine where one could display crystals or deities and burn sage or incense,” says Kam Ce Kam founder Jehanara Knowles, who grew up between New Delhi and London. “Morgane’s work is the result of comprehensive research into iconic and symbolic references, and when she first came up with the idea it tied in beautifully with contemporary India, which is the ethos of our brand.”

Agni, when used as a healing set, is meant to display crystals on its marble plinth and burn candles or herbs in the handmade brass chalice. However, the piece’s versatility enables a variety of uses, including a centerpiece for flowers or a platter to present cheese and crackers or desserts. It also represents the brand’s first foray into metals, thus expanding Kam Ce Kam’s network of Indian artisans to include brass workers.

“In our initial collection, we introduced hand-carved marble and are continuing to design products that use marble in order to create more work for the stonemasons, and Agni is one of them,” Knowles says. “Once we have worked with an artisan, it’s crucial for us to provide them consistent work, staying loyal to them and constantly nurturing their skills.”

Kam Ce Kam

Atelier Avéus*

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