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Hightower and Ondarreta Take the Edge Out of Minimalism

Two US and Spanish furniture brands partner to create a Basque-inspired collection that caters to all spaces—both indoors and out.

By Lissa Raylin Brewer with Claire Butwinick

Photographs courtesy Hightower

Hightower and Ondarreta chairs at a long table with view into green house

Known for sharp angles, industrial materials, and a strict color palette, minimalism is often perceived as cold and inhospitable.

But earlier this year, two global furniture brands—Seattle-based Hightower and Spain’s Ondarreta—proved otherwise with the release of Ondarreta, Spring 2020 from Hightower, a versatile Basque-designed and manufactured collection that will launch in the US this month.

The fresh assortment of chairs, benches, barstools, tables, and shelving, with its streamlined silhouettes in unexpected proportions, pairs dreamy pastels and earthy neutrals with warm wood and rounded edges that promise to soften both the interior and exterior of commercial and residential spaces.

Hightower and Ondarreta 4 chairs between 2 large trees on the beach with a view of beautiful island


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