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Hidden Treasures in the Emerald City

Resource Furniture, the brand known for luxury, Italian-made wall beds and transformable complementary pieces, continues to provide space-saving solutions for an elevated lifestyle. This month, the company, which offers a holistic approach to creating a beautiful, functional, fully furnished home, is opening a new showroom in Seattle.

Resource Furniture wall bed and sectional sofa combo in modern loft space

The Tango Sectional with vertically-opening queen wall bed.

PROMOTION: As seen in GRAY magazine No. 59

Launched in 2000 in New York City by Steve Spett and Ron Barth, Resource Furniture initially served as a resource library for the trade. In 2007, after they began carrying pieces from Clei, a line of Italian wall beds, the founders pivoted to focus on multifunctional furniture. Fourteen years later, Resource Furniture offers 25 product lines (all designed and manufactured in Italy) through nine showrooms across North America.

GRAY visited with Resource Furniture’s vice president of sales and design, Challie Stillman, who oversees showroom sales, brand development, and the overarching design of each showroom, to talk about the new Seattle space and the brand’s unique offerings.


Why choose Seattle for your new showroom?

Seattle is a design hub that we have always wanted to be a part of, even in the earliest days of Resource Furniture. It makes sense from a business standpoint, as we’ve seen high demand for our products in the region for some time. The city boasts some of the smallest micro-apartments in the United States and consistently ranks among the top metro areas investing in high-density housing. Our transforming furniture naturally lends itself to small apartments, though it adds flexibility to spaces of any size.

What will visitors discover here?

It’s one of our largest showrooms to date, and twice the size of our spaces in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.! We have the most unique and comprehensive collection of wall beds anywhere in North America, including wall beds with integrated furniture pieces such as sofas, tables, storage systems, and more. Visitors will also be among the first to see our brand-new wardrobes and our new Giro transforming table. We also offer a working design station and resource library.

“Our transforming furniture isn’t just functional. It’s designed with aesthetics, longevity, and sustainability in mind.”

What does Resource Furniture offer that no place else does?

Our collection of transforming and multifunctional furnishings is unlike anything else available on the market. Clients come to us from far and wide to add flexibility to their homes, whether that’s by adding a hideaway home office for remote work, carving out extra sleeping accommodations for guests, or transforming a studio apartment to function more like a two-bedroom residence. We offer unique, beautifully designed solutions that simply couldn’t be achieved with conventional, static furniture. But our transforming furniture isn’t just functional. It’s designed with aesthetics, longevity, and sustainability in mind, and every piece in our collection is built to last a lifetime.

Resource Furniture transforming desk and wall bookcase with upholstered chair in modern urban condo with concrete walls and views

Flip-down desk from the Turati customizable storage collection.

Is the showroom open to the public as well as to the trade?

Yes! We’re open by appointment to both, and we’re open on Saturdays.

Tell us a great behind-the-scenes story about the company or Seattle showroom.

I got my start as a design consultant for Roche Bobois’ Seattle showroom. I eventually made my way to New York City, where I worked for Resource Furniture. Since then, the company has evolved into the leader in the transforming furniture market—but it has always been my dream to return to Seattle. The opening of our latest showroom at the Seattle Design Center is a sort of homecoming for me—a dream come true, in fact!

transforming small space furniture storage unit with desk in modern design apartment

The new Giro transforming table creates an l-shaped desk or seamlessly folds flush into its modular storage system. Photographs courtesy Resource Furniture.

NEW showroom in the Seattle Design Center


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