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GRAY Loves: Valentina & Valentia’s “New World” Fall/Winter Collection

“BE READY TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A WORLD OF PURE SILK,” says Milena Natanov, creative director for Seattle-based fashion design house Valentina & Valentia, when talking about brand’s latest collection in which the luxe fabric reigns supreme. Dubbed “New World,” the  Autumn/Winter 2018 line celebrates women and balances structured silhouettes with the lightness of flowing silks. “This balance epitomizes the essence of femininity: women are both strong and fragile,” Natanov says. “More often strong than fragile.”

The line—all produced in the Valentina & Valentia Atelier and adhering to strict couture practices such as cutting and sewing by hand and not with machines—is brimming with professional pieces (think structured tweed and wool crepe coats, lined with silk, of course) as well as looks that will suit the fall social calendar: a white silk chiffon dress with jabots and pleated details, anyone? While the color palette mainly stays within a simple and sophisticated black-and-white spectrum, there is a subtle pale blue shade that Natanov notes “captures the spirit of freedom.”  

“The Valentina & Valentia woman is ageless, intelligent, smart, sensual, sensible, loving life and incredibly kind,” the designer explains. “Our customers usually start swirling and dancing once they put on [one of our] pieces. That sense of freedom, of lightness, is priceless.”

To shop the “New World” Autumn/Winter collection, visit, or jaunt up to Visette Boutique on Capitol Hill. An exclusive selection is also available on


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