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GRAY Loves: New Women’s Activewear from Strongbody Apparel

A TOM FORD SUIT IS ONE OF THE IMAGES STRONGBODY APPAREL CEO MEGHAN CONYERS HAS IN MIND WHEN SHE REFERENCES HER VANCOUVER-BASED BRAND’S LUXURY ACTIVEWEAR. “There’s something a little bit sexy about it, but it’s still refined, structured, and well made.” Conyers launched Strongbody in 2012, and three years later debuted a luxe line of men’s athletic tanks, tees, leggings, outerwear, and more using lightweight, performance fabrics treated with a sweat-wicking, odor-resisting technology containing chitin, a component found in the exoskeletons of sea creatures like crab and lobster.

Since its inception Strongbody has only offered gear for men, but come this November, the brand is channeling that same Tom Ford-esque ethos for inspiration and branching out with a line for women. “Our brand has evolved to a more executive-style athleticwear and I wanted to create the crossover [to women’s] for myself and other people like me who are looking for something sleek and cool but with a functional attribute,” Conyers says.

The new women’s collection will include high-style sports bra and leggings sets, breezy tops with mesh ventilation details, as well as a structured double-knit scuba overcoat.


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