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GRAY Loves: Jen Ament + Amanda Pearl Collab

by GRAY Editors

Linoleum Cut Print by artist Jen Ament, arms raised up, hands in the air, black background

Large Hands In The Air, Jennifer Ament, linoleum cut print, limited edition.

“If I had to pick an artist whose work and aesthetic illustrates what the inside of my brain looks like, it would be Jennifer Ament.” 

So says Seattle-born, New York-based jewelry designer Amanda Brotman, the woman behind her eponymous Amanda Pearl line. “The organic, handmade nature of her work, as well as her themes around nature, Seattle, and these punk and community elements have always really resonated with me. These are the themes of my own jewelry designs.”

Ament, who is based in Seattle, and Brotman recently collaborated on a collection of wearables—unisex tees, a canvas tote, and a canvas zip pouch—to benefit Artists For Progress, a local organization that is dedicated to mobilizing for political change and using art to raise funds for organizations that serve the marginalized and oppressed.

Playing off of what Brotman calls Ament’s “provocative and empowering imagery,” the duo created pieces that combine elements from each of their art arsenals—the canvas zip pouch features Ament’s “Hands in the Air” drawing, the wrists and fingers adorned with Amanda Pearl pieces. Gold detailing on the fingernails and jewelry is taken from Ament’s painting “Vive La Resistance.”

“We’re super excited about these pieces and their ability to raise funds for Artists For Progress, and in turn this year’s beneficiaries Everytown and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project,” Brotman says.


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