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Winner Announced: Top Five Product Designs, Other

GRAY Awards 2020, international design competition winner and finalists of the Product Design, Other category.


Draft Level

Modern level on table with orange and white paper

Draft level is a product that provides guidance for a horizontal plane. Designed to fulfill this function in its most primitive form, it uses the gravity point of the object to find the perfect balance.

Mainly intended for home use for basic leveling needs such as hanging frames or installing shelves, Draft level is designed as a sculptural item that does not communicate its primary function in order to generate a home object for display when it is not in use.

Since the level is designed as a primitive tool, it also tries to avoid complex manufacturing methods or a variety of materials. With this, the product is aimed to be sustainable both during its production stage and end of lifecycle.


Design Team:

Hale Selek and Erdem Selek


Novotny Glass

Date of Completion: July 2020


A modern take on Art Deco design, the Circ collection is a playful exploration of fine lines, curves, and layers. Designed by Teresa Ceberek, TSAR Carpet's in-house senior designer, with the purpose of distilling Art Deco features to create a new collection of smooth, simple, streamlined designs.

The collection employs soft features, rounded terminations, and mono-materials that are comforting, calming, and welcoming. These neoteny features have been thoughtfully incorporated to elicit positive

emotional responses, bringing a sense of ease to any space.

Office with reception desk, runner carpet, black walls, red brick, modern industrial office

“Our built environment has a profound impact on our state of mind and wellbeing, now more than ever... Circ is an artistic expression with human experience at the center of the design process. What features are visually comforting and elevate a space? We’re using design to enhance our emotional connection with space....” Ceberek explains the concept behind the Circ collection.

Rug of overlapping circles, gray circle rug, green circle rug, with pink line

A combination of natural undyed wool, tranquil pale shades, and deep ear thy tones blend soundly together, creating a grounding, serene palette. Free from dyes and treatments, the undyed wool tones are part of Heather, a yarn collection of softer more authentic colors naturally occurring in sheep wool. An environmentally conscious fiber alternative with shades ranging from warm butterscotch brown

to cool gray hues.

Each piece of Circ is manufactured by TSAR Carpets and their team of highly skilled artisans in their mill located in Shandong, China.

Modern rug, rectangle, light gray with dark red half circle and graphic light pink stripe

We collaborated with 3D Animator Joe Mortell to bring Circ to life. The concept was to create a dreamy, tranquil space that makes people feel welcome and uplifted, enhancing the human experience of space.


Design Team:

Teresa Ceberek


Joe Mortell, 3ID animato

Date of Completion: July 2020


Clear drinking glass on amber background

Dialekt water glass is a project initiated by our curiosity on ‘why people are attracted to shiny things’.

While expecting wealth associations to be the reason for this affection, a research study found that this is a natural reaction, deeply rooted in the human’s primitive, innate need for water. According to the study, it is the resemblance to the vital water resources that makes glossy objects desirable. Using this finding as a foundation, Selek Design explored how to apply this research into product design in a way glossiness becomes a feature for the benefit of people.

Looking from top down onto drinking class with shadow and reflection

Dialekt water glass aims to generate a desire to drink water. The familiar form of the water glass silently increases the shimmer of the product by using two different curves on the inner and outer

surfaces of the glass. This helps with glossier reflections, refractions, and shadows that aim to attract people to drink water without thinking about it.

Water in nature has a dynamic form: it flows, moves, reflects, and refracts. We perceive these motions as signs of clean water, more than when water stays static in a container. In order to evoke feelings

associated with clean fresh water, the team tried to generate this dynamism using unique material properties of glass. For this, they carefully designed reflections and refractions that stimulate the effects of water by using varying cross-section curves on the inner and outer surfaces of the glass.

Clear drinking glass with shadow and pattern

The dimensions of the glass are designed to afford an elegant heft and weight when the glass is full and to contain an optimum amount of water for quenching thirst. Overall, similar to our other products, the team aimed for the water glass to have a silent and unnoticed character. They tried to minimize the communication between the product and the user.

The product aims to improve people’s water drinking habits without them realizing it, through silent design features that make an overall familiar water glass form more attractive by giving a shine to it.

Clear drinking glasses stacked


Design Team:

Hale Selek and Erdem Selek


Novotny Glass

Date of Completion: June 2020


pink sink basin with tall back, silver faucet and fixtures, concrete

The Herbert Basin, based on a 1960s design, has been given a modern update.

With curved corners, a two-toned back and surrounding trim, the remodeled basin, can be wall hung or surface mounted, and is available in 14 colors.

emerald green sink basin with tall back, curved corners. silver faucet fixtures, concrete sink

With each Nood Co Concrete piece, the design team aims for duality: a masculine building material presented in a feminine way, and a 1960s idea brought into the future.

Looking down into pink concrete sink basin with silver faucet silver fixtures


Design Team:

Matt Di Costa

Chris Walker

Date of Completion: August 2020


large area rug, artists pattern in blue marble

Interior Designer Michelle Dirkse collaborated with Pacific Northwest artists Noel Fountain, Corrie LaVelle, Jennifer Gauthier, or Dana Mooney on each area rug. They are made of a combination of wool, silk and/or bamboo silk and are hand-knotted in Nepal by an ethical weaver.

Dirkse developed the patterns from original art made by the artists. She then selected the yarn colors and materials which were woven into small samples. After revising and approving, the full area rugs were made. The scale and colors of the artwork translated into an area rug can be the statement piece of a room or can softly and seamlessly blend into the room's style. Coordinating fabrics and wallpapers made from the same art are also available.

The collaboration means that large, beautiful, quality rugs now come with vibrancy and artistic background.


Design Team:

Michelle Dirkse


Noel Fountain

Corrie LaVelle

Jennifer Gauthier

Dana Mooney

Date of Completion: July 2020


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