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Fashion Label Psychic Outlaw Turns Forgotten Items Into One-Of-A-Kind Garments

Denver-based designer and seamstress Rebecca Wright reimagines vintage blankets and bandanas as fashionable jackets and flowy dresses.

By Chamidae Ford with Claire Butwinick

Photo & sculpture by @shelbyrahe

Western-inspired womenswear label Psychic Outlaw was founded when seamstress and designer Rebecca Wright combined her side hustles into a singular passion project.

After years of juggling her vintage clothing business with freelance seamstress work, hosting pop-

ups, and making one-off pieces for customers, Wright embarked on her own creative pursuit. She launched her label in 2018 in Austin, Texas, fueled by a desire to craft wearable, Western- and 1970s-inspired pieces reimagined from items such as blankets, bandanas, and old jeans.

Now based in Denver, Psychic Outlaw’s hand-made offerings (all constructed in her spare bedroom-turned sewing studio) include prairie dresses transformed from former bandanas, and patchwork sweatshirts featuring denim from local thrift stores. Wright also creates bespoke pieces from customers’ old keepsakes, including cozy jackets tailored from family quilts. And although sustainability isn’t the driving force behind Psychic Outlaw, it’s one of the perks to repurposing vintage pieces. Each request creates a challenge that she says is similar to “the exciting feeling of finding something unique while thrifting.” Keep reading to uncover Wright’s creative process and what inspires Psychic Outlaw’s cowgirl-chic designs.

Photo by @shelbyrahe, left model @hannie_rie, right model @psychic.outlaw, accessories and jewelry by @idaandmoon

“My goal is to make something that gives you the same exciting feeling of finding something unique while thrifting or junk shopping. It’s that piece that calls out to your soul. Not only am I making things that are one-of-a-kind, but I am allowing people to build their own found treasure.”

Photo by @shelbyrahe left model @hannie_rie right model @psychic.outlaw jewelry and accessories @idaandmoon

“The bandana dress and the jacket are both so special to me. It was something I made for myself and instantly felt like I never wanted to take it off! I love the randomness of using patches and scraps and different patterns all in one garment.”

Photo by @emilysadventures model @porch_girl92

“This is generally how I function: hoard cool textiles, figure out how I can wear them and sew something up!”

Photo by @shelbyrahe model @hannie_rie jewelry by @idaandmoon

“My customers fuel my influence! The fact that I never know what is going to be coming my way next keeps me excited to continue doing what I am doing! I love to be challenged each time I sit down to sew.”


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