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Experts discuss the best (and worst!) strategies for leading a team through troubling times

S1 E2 | In the Design Lounge with guests Kristen Becker, Linda Holliday, and Lisa Mann

Raise your glass to LEADERSHIP In a time when laying low is not an option to secure success, let’s discuss what it means to be a leader, either as a business leading an industry or as an individual within a company. How important is it to rise to the occasion, and what are the steps to sustaining leadership at a time of financial uncertainty and civil unrest?

In this episode of In the Design Lounge, virtual guests Kristen Becker of Mutuus Studio, Linda Holliday of Citia, and Lisa Mann of THNKMKTG, join our host Brandon Gaston to talk about why now is the time for businesses to assess and adapt to a quickly evolving market.

These leadership experts discuss what ways their roles have changed since the pandemic began, what they have learned from being leaders in defining moments such as these, and how they are planning for the future - all over a favorite cocktail and a few fun surprises!

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Pour a beverage and join GRAY In the Design Lounge where we’re mixing business with pleasure over swanky cocktails, casual conversations, and a few fun and games. Host Brandon Gaston visits with guests for an inside look at what drives their creativity, innovation, and success. Cheers!


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