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Eileen Fisher’s Pop-In@Nordstrom is For Everyone—Including Mother Earth

Eileen Fisher’s first capsule collection with Nordstrom challenges fashion norms with sustainable materials and gender-inclusive silhouettes.

By Claire Butwinick

Sustainable fashion is nothing new for Eileen Fisher. For more than 30 years, the noted womenswear label has designed ethical closet essentials made with organic fibers, non-hazardous dyes, and recycled cashmere. And years before the rise of designer resale stores, the brand launched ReNew, an in-house program that takes back Eileen Fisher’s previous seasons pieces and resells them to new customers. Now, Eileen Fisher and Nordstrom’s VP of Creative Projects, Olivia Kim present their first collaborative capsule collection with Pop-In@Nordstrom, featuring structured denim sets, cutout knit sweaters, and loose-fitting drawstring pants made for all genders, and, of course, composed from responsible materials. 

“I’ve always admired Eileen Fisher’s timeless and modern aesthetic,” says Kim. “Inclusivity and sustainability are such important values that we both share, and we knew that this capsule collection was a great opportunity to express inclusivity in a greater way. Many of my friends and industry colleagues, both men and women, have been such fans of the brand and we wanted to reimagine some of Eileen Fisher’s iconic shapes and styles into modern silhouettes for everybody. Regardless of gender, everybody wants great quality clothing that they feel and look good in, and that is what we hope to deliver with this collection.”

Designed to withstand the test of time, the 30-piece monochromatic line is produced with ethical fibers, including recycled cashmere made with yarn respun from fine Italian fabrics, organic cotton without the toxic chemicals that harm conventional cotton, recycled polyester fleece made from recycled water bottles, and recycled nylon.

Available at 10 Nordstrom locations across the US and Canada, the custom-built pop-in shop is constructed with minimalist walnut fixtures, which were made in-house by Nordstrom’s production shops across the country, and will be reused for the future shop builds. “We are mindful of the resources and efforts put into producing all of our Pop-In@Nordstrom shops,” Kim says. “For Eileen Fisher Pop-In@Nordstrom, we considered both of our brand aesthetics and knew we wanted the shop to feel clean, minimal and natural, with the focus being on the clothes.” 

Shop Eileen Fisher Pop-In@Nordstrom at select Nordstrom locations and online until February 9.


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