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Opportunities in the Emerging Blue Economy

Economists are telling us that the Blue Economy represents a significant opportunity for sustainable economic growth and job creation in sectors such as fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy, shipping, tourism, and biotechnology. As the world focuses its gaze on the oceans, how might this influence design in the built environment and what opportunities are we seeing emerge?

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Craig E. Norris

Craig E. Norris has a 20-year career in business leadership and infrastructure development in western Canada, anchored in leadership roles within one of Canada’s leading architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms. In 2015, he moved from corporate consulting to focus on developing Canada’s superyacht businesses on the west coast, where he led the complete development of Canada’s first superyacht marina and service center located in Victoria Harbour, British Columbia.

As CEO of Community Marine Concepts Ltd., he travels the world as an ambassador for the pacific coast of North America, listening intently to what the superyacht community is looking for while advocating for what Canada and the Pacific can offer.

Starting his career as an aspiring architect, earning a diploma in Architectural Technology and then a University degree in Environmental Science, he set to mash together his passion for alpine sports and recreation with his appreciation for remarkably built environments. His journey has taken him through a diversity of sectors including recreation tourism, municipal and rural development, mining, oil and gas, first nations development, marine infrastructure, land reclamation, and community development.

Norris has a history of board appointments in local non-profit organizations holding positions as Director and Chairperson, including the Chair of Victoria’s South Island Prosperity Partnership; an organization responsible for facilitating and promoting the development of a strong, diversified regional economy. He is the Chair and a founding Director of Future Oceans International, a non-profit charged with contributing to the restorative health of the ocean environment and advancing the education of the public, government, and industry in respect of the same. Craig is also the Chair and founding member of the Canadian Superyacht Association, a non-profit organization charged with supporting the sustainable growth of the superyacht sector in Canada.


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