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Artist Brent Estabrook presents “Smiles,” a pop-up plushies exhibit in Los Angeles.

artist Brent Estabrook in gallery with plushie art

Artist Brent Estabrook with “Smiles,” black bronze (oil clay) sculpture in front of “ToyBox,” triptych, oil on aluminum backed panel. To his left, “yeppy,” oil on panel, and in the other room, “Stuffed Animal Pile No.1” oil on canvas.

Artist Brent Estabrook is presenting Smiles, a pop-up exhibit at the Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles from July 11 –14, 2024. The exhibit will showcase the artists original paintings, prints, and collectibles, including an interactive claw machine and original plushies. Raised in Puyallup, Washington, and currently based in Los Angeles, Estabrook creates joyful, larger-than-life oil paintings and sculptures of plushie toys. His recent paintings maintain his signature buttery textures and vibrant color palette and reflect a growing emphasis on mindful presence. According to Estabrook, the key to his best work lies in the "how" of painting, which is guided by a practiced awareness that keeps him connected to each brushstroke and every mark on the canvas. This approach is rooted in meditation techniques and a deep commitment to his artistic pursuit.

artist next to bronze sculpture of plushie teddy bear

Artist Brent Estabrook with “Smiles,” polished bronze (oil clay).

hot pink and blue teddy bear plushie in a box

“Smiles,” plushie, first edition.

Artist Brent Estabrook painting.

“Third Time’s a Charm,”  “uniCAN!” and “face plant,” oil on canvas.

“Pink Riot,” oil on aluminum panel; “take a chance,” oil on panel.


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