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reflective silver blown glass orbs on fine sand mound

Lapis Collection blown glass sculptures by Homa

Continuing their explorative journey of fusing fantastical design ideas with earthly materiality, Maison&Objet - the prestigious interior design trade show in Paris, France - and creative strategy consultancy, Peclers Paris, have announced their invigorating theme for the September fair: TERRA COSMOS.

“Where the vastness of space mingles with seemingly finite terrestrial territories... Where universal fantasies and earthly materiality collide... Where science and magic intertwine... New and lasting fictions are born, and are sure to have an impact on the real world.” - Brune Ouakrat, Strategic Planner in charge of foresight at Peclers Paris

Inspired by the human fascination with space travel and the cosmic universe, profound technological advances have created a time in which other-worldly experiences are becoming a more definite reality. TERRA COSMOS explores the thrill and awe of "the new frontier" through design rooted in novelty, creativity, and innovation. Step into the future as the theme embraces forward-thinking principals including smart materials, AI, 3D design, and immersive, sensory experiences, highlighted by an emphasis on connective and responsible practices.

Maison&Objet holds biannual trade fairs for professionals, partners annually with Paris Design Week, and hosts Maison&Objet and More (MOM), an online platform with a thriving community in which buyers and brands can interact, launch new collections, and make contacts in the digital space. The second iteration of the 2024 Maison&Objet trade show runs September 5-9, 2024, in Paris, France.

For more information and tickets, visit their website.


GRAY is a proud media partner with Maison&Objet.


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