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Spotlight: Perched Edge-Set Halo Collection, 2021 GRAY Awards Finalist

A closer look at Perched Edge-Set Halo Collection, one of three finalists in the 2021 GRAY Awards Fashion Design category.

Perched Edge-Set Halo Collection

Gold and gemstone perch set ring

Deliberately featuring the front and back of each gemstone, the Perch Edge-Set Halo Collection is an evolution of jewelry designer Leslie Paige's signature Perched setting. By embellishing the bezel around the perched settings with smaller gemstones, a "halo" is formed adding another layer to the original design. In addition, the gemstones have been turned 90 degrees, creating a profile view. The result is a collection with added interest, personality, and even multiple focal points, depending on the angle in which the pieces are viewed.

“My intention is to create jewelry that makes a strong statement," Paige says. "My hope is that the women who wear my pieces draw from this strength and feel more powerful. I hear from my customers that this happens, and I love it! [Like my jewelry, they can’t be ignored.] My new Edge-Set Halo Collection continues this empowerment.”



Leslie Paige Smith


Beth Wagner: Contract Manufacturer

Photos Courtesy of Leslie Paige Smith

Date of Release: June 2020


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