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Special Delivery: Cartier Pop-Up Arrives in Seattle

Need more Cartier in your life? Seattle, this is your weekend. Cartier is bringing its first-ever traveling pop-up experience to the Fremont neighborhood as its last stop, which began at New York Fashion Week earlier this month. Called Precious Garage, the form is a gold shipping container that houses an immersive experience designed by New York-based installation and performance artist Desi Santiago.

Inside, Cartier debuts a new version of its iconic nail bracelet, and some new additions to its Écrou de Cartier collection, which also plays on industrial elements. Don’t expect the container to be too rough around the edges, though; there’s glitz and glam inside befitting the luxury brand’s gilded image. While most of life’s best gifts come in small packages, this is a large container worth the trip.

The public can take part in the experience this weekend, September 29, 12–5pm, and September 30, 12–3pm, at Fremont Mischief, 132 North Canal Street, Seattle


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